Spray Tanning While Pregnant

Can You Have A Spray Tan When Pregnant?

Feeling a little pale while carrying your beautiful little baby bump? We are regularly asked by spray tan artists and clients "Can I have a spray tan while pregnant?"

Is it safe? Does the tan need to be organic? Will it go into the bloodstream? What if I breathe it in? There are a lot of questions surrounding spray tanning while pregnant. We understand, your precious bub is priority - you'd love a coat of sun-kissed glow, but only if it's okay for baby.

Firstly, it's a personal choice, and if there is anything that you're unsure abut during your pregnancy, you should always chat with your obstetrician. Today, we'll give you some facts on spray tanning while you're pregnant to help you make an informed decision.

Spray Tanning When Pregnant


This comes up often. The fundamental rule for spray tanning (pregnant or not) is that you shouldn't inhale overspray mist. Spray tanning is safe and fine for everyone when it's used the way it is intended - this means, when it is sprayed onto the skin. Organic or not, we should be avoiding inhaling any spray tan.

This is the point I stress to pregnant women. Ask your spray tanner if they are spray tanning in front of a high grade extraction screen. They're normally the noisy fans you stand in front of during your tan. Those fans are doing great things, by removing any airborne vapours so that you're breathing in air, not spray tan.


Look for a salon that uses extraction. Tents are brilliant, handy, portable! We love them at Tuscan Tan because it means you can tan anywhere. The negative to a tent is that they don't provide extraction. So if you're pregnant, I'd  give this one a miss and opt for a tan with extraction.


Being that self tan products are topical, go for it. They go on, the come off. Of course, this is a personal choice and we always advise you check with your doctor. Personally, I loved a great coat of self tan while I was pregnant - it gave me a pep up when I needed it!

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Enjoy! x 

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