Tanning Drops: Bespoke Self Tanning For Face + Body

Tanning Drops: Bespoke Self Tanning For Face + Body

Let us introduce you to our favourite product in the new Tuscan Tan collection.

Tanning Drops.They are different to anything you will have ever used...AND they will change the way you tan.

Tuscan Tan Tanning Drops  Tuscan Tan Tanning Drops

Tanning Drops will transform your favourite face or body moisturiser, serum or oil into a bespoke self tanner.

These concentrated self tan drops are something to get excited about. They can be dropped into your usual skincare routine allowing you to add self tanning seamlessly, without taking your away from the quality and results of your prescribed skin care.

+ Don't like self tans staining your sheets at night? Tanning drops are transparent.

+ Don't like the scent of fake tans? Tanning drops are fragrance free.

+ Would prefer to fully customise your own tan? Tanning drops can be blended into ANY face or body product.

+ Want to tan your face but usual face tanners make you break out? Tanning drops. Blend them into the moisturiser that's right for you.

+ Looking for ultimate tanning and hydration balance for your face and body? Add Tanning Drops to our specially formulated HydraBase Face and HydraBase Body.

+ Tan and moisturise simultaneously: Add Tanning Drops to your daily moisturiser. You moisturise each day, now you can transform that moisturiser into a bespoke self tanner.

Tanning Drops are the ultimate answer to uniting tanning and salon prescribed skin care.

Your salon professional offers you a whole range of treatments from tanning to waxing through to specialised skin treatments. It can be difficult to implement a dedicated facial tanner without affecting the skincare routine your skin specialist has recommended to correct your skin concerns. With the introduction of Tanning Drops, you can now seamlessly incorporate a tanning option, whilst maintaining your skin care results. Once or twice a week, simply blend 1-3 drops into any product for a sun kissed glow. 

How to use Tanning Drops:

Tanning Drops are way too concentrated to be used alone… add one or more drops to your favourite face and body moisturisers for an all-over glow. Or, for the ultimate tanning and hydration balance, we have released two beautiful companion products to pair with our Tanning Drops; Tuscan Tan HydraBase Face and HydraBase Body

Follow our 'How to' guide here. Remember it is just a guide, customise to suit of course.

Your tan will gradually develop throughout the day or night. Don't forget to wash your hands immediately following application. 

Use day or night. No fragrance, no tint. Invisible and customisable tanning.

Can they be used on their own?

Tanning drops are exceptionally concentrated so, no. Please don't use them alone. They are designed to be blended with a carrier product. Using them on their own is a big no-no.

Other benefits you'll love: They're paraben free, against animal testing and made in Australia.


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