Tuscan Tan Stockist Reviews

Tuscan Tan Stockist Reviews

What Tuscan Tan Stockists Say

We love our Tuscan Tan formulas, but if you think we’re a little biased, check out what tanning experts around the country are saying about Tuscan Tan. These salon owners have their pick of the bunch and have spent countless hours trialling every tanning formula under the sun before settling on their favourite. For these salons, it’s only Tuscan Tan that they trust for themselves, their customers and their businesses.

Tuscan Tan Stockist Reviews  Tuscan Tan Stockist Reviews

WTM Waxing Tanning Makeup, Western Australia

“We have been spray tanning for 8 years and without a doubt, Tuscan Tan is the best product I have seen. Our clients love the way the tan looks and feels, they love the after care products and we love using a product that won’t let them down.”

Website: http://wtm.net.au/

Indian Summer Beauty, Victoria

“After persisting with many different tanning brands in our salons, which all left us very disappointed, we were thrilled when we were contacted by Tuscan Tan to try their brand. The tan far exceeds our expectations and suits any skin colouring, resulting in an even streak free natural looking tan every time. The pleasant tropical fragrance is a far cry from the typical spray tan odour. The 3 take home products complement the tan to maintain the longevity. The training, support and machine maintenance from the team is exceptional and they are highly regarded at Indian Summer.”

Website: www.indiansummer.com.au

Bianco Beauty & Spa, Victoria

“We have been offering Spray Tanning for over a decade and introduced Tuscan Tan in mid-2013. The surge in demand and repeat business has resulted in us doing double our usual volumes and seen us recruiting a dedicated spray tanner! The results speak for themselves. It’s truly the most natural tan we have seen with no streaks, marks or patches.
The mousse is a great product to sell and the support and delivery from you and the rest of the team is prompt and efficient – we can’t understand why we didn’t do it sooner!”

Website: www.biancoforbeauty.com.au

Siva Beauty, Body and Soul, New South Wales

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the great service we’ve received. Your guys came in and cleaned our machine quickly and efficiently with no interruption to our salon and gave us great feedback on how we are looking after our machine. So nice to have happy, nice people to deal with. We love doing business with you and love your product and machine.”

Website: www.sivabeauty.com.au

Mink Hair & Spa, New South Wales

“For the past 8 years, our therapists at Mink Hair & Spa have proudly been using Tuscan Tan. We give our clients the option of both solutions, whether it be 8 hour or the 90 minute Rapid Amino Complex solution. Clients love the fact that you can achieve a natural sun kissed glow through to a deep Mediterranean tan without streaking or any orange undertones! And the best part about it is it fades naturally and evenly, especially when used in conjunction with the maintenance products which we also stock. The airbrush application is a winner with clients, compared to some of the other machines on the market that leave you super sticky and extremely dark, the scent of the solution is also quite pleasant and won’t stain your clothing!”

Website: www.minkhairandspa.com.au

Skin, Victoria

“We at Skin were one of the 1st clinics to offer spray tan as a service in Victoria many, many moons ago. It was new on the market the demand was not as big as it is today, however people were very curious. The brand [we were using then] will remain nameless as we decided after a few years to let the service go. People were continuously disappointed, the colour by comparison of today’s offerings was terrible and the machine was forever faulting. You could imagine that this was letting our results driven clinic down.

After being out of the game for sometime we came across Tuscan Tan, had a trial and we are thrilled by the results coupled with the professionalism offered by the company. Our peace of mind is back when offering our spray tans we do it confidently knowing that our clients will be thrilled with the results. Tuscan Tan has brought a lot of people through our doors and they always rebook once they see their result. We love the retail support products as they are affordable and a delight to use.We are so happy to offer Tuscan Tan- it has a great reputation within the industry and general public and we are a proud supplier.”

Website: http://skinportmelbourne.com.au/

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