Gift Set 2 - Includes FREE 200ml Tinted Tan Extender

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For this Limited Edition Gift Set we have bundled Tuscan Tan's best selling Self Tan Foam with our tan maintenance products. For an added bonus we have thrown in a FREE Tinted Tan Extender valued at RRP $24.95

Gift Set includes:

1 x 150ml Self Tan Foam
1 x 250ml Tan Toner Skin Wash
1 x Self Tan Application Mitt
1 x Tan Removal Mitt
1 x 200ml Tinted Tan Extender - FREE
1 x Gift Box- FREE

Self Tan Foam: This lightly aerated self tanner will have you covered from every tanning angle. Providing an instant tan on application, whilst simultaneously offering express development for light | medium | dark tanning in 1-3 hours, you can also leave MultiBase Self Tan Foam on overnight for an ultra dark tan.

Tan Toner Skin Wash: This violet toned, pH balanced skin wash is designed to maintain the integrity of your spray tan or self applied tan by keeping your skin’s pH balance in check before, during and after tanning.

Tinted Tan Extender: Tinted Tan Extender is a light yet superbly effective hydrating body moisturiser formulated to prolong the life of your professional spray tan or self tan. Featuring Tuscan Tan’s MultiBase® bronzers to provide a hint of tint, together with light reflective mica minerals to instantly brighten and even skin tone, Tinted Tan Extender acts like a BB cream for your body, leaving an illuminating glow just like a real life skin filter.

Self Tan Application Mitt: helps you blend fake tan products consistently and evenly on your skin for a streak free, professional looking finish, whilst protecting your hands from staining.

Tan Removal Mitt: When combined with water and massaged over skin, the red side of the tan removal mitt instantly removes fake tan. The gentler green side of the mitt can be used to correct minor fake tan application mishaps in the developed tan


1. Prepare skin by exfoliating with the Tan Removal Mitt

2. Using the Self Tan Application Mitt, apply a coat of Tuscan Tan Self Tan Foam all over. Featuring express development, your tan will begin to process in as little as 1 hour, and will swiftly intensify the longer it is left on the skin. 2 hours + medium, 3 hours = dark. Overnight = Ultra dark.

3. Once the tan is fully developed, cleanse daily using Tuscan Tan's Tan Toner Skin Wash.

4. Moisturise every day using Tuscan Tan Tinted Tan Extender to keep skin soft, smooth and hydrated.

5. When your done with your tan, exfoliate any tan residual from your skin using the tan removal mitt.

Visit individual product pages for further details.

Paraben free formulation to avoid hypersensitivity reaction and unwanted irritation.

Against animal testing + made in Australia.

Visit individual product pages for further details.

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