Salon Power Pro Spray Tan Package

Unparalleled in design, construction, reliability and performance, Tuscan Tan spray equipment is the professional’s choice.

Powerful yet compact, our Salon Power Pro Spray Tan Machine provides fast efficient spray output with a fine airbrush skin finish. The spray gun with 125ml cup attachment operates by way of gravity feed and is fully adjustable for measured solution control and economical solution usage, delivering 20 full body spray tans per litre versus other equipment industry average of just 12-14. Constructed of premium grade materials built to last, it’s easy to see why this affordable spray tan machine is the first choice for spray tan professionals looking for reliability and performance.

Our free standing Overspray Extraction Screen filters overspray and draws away airborne vapour to provide a cleaner, healthier work environment for salon professionals and their clients. Comprising dual fan extraction with air displacement drawing a total combined air volume of 5504 cubic feet per minute, this is the strongest overspray extraction screen on the Australian market. The disposable and biodegradable filters provide an impressive 80+ full body spray tan capacity before they need replacing, making them an extremely economical and environmentally friendly choice.

    **Shipping costs are charged on all equipment orders and will be quoted and charged after you place your order. Our team will contact you with your quote and will take payment before dispatching goods. 

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