Spray Tan Overspray Extraction Screen

The Tuscan Tan Spray Tan Extraction Screen eliminates over-spray and air borne vapours to provide a cleaner, safer and more hygienic work environment for both salon staff and their clients.

Two powerful over spray extraction fans draw any excess over-spray and air borne vapours into the biodegradable collection filters to eliminate mess and prevent air borne vapour inhalation.  The stylish two tiered space saving design features 360-degree hinges on side panels to allow the configuration of the assembled screen to be adjusted to fit the dimensions of most room sizes, large or small.  The screen can be assembled in less than five minutes without the need for tools or tradesmen.

Tuscan Tan's Australian made overspray extraction screen is by far the most powerful on the market - far stronger than any other extraction system.


  • Spray tan extraction screen.
  • 2 extraction fans.
  • One set of 2 filters.
  • BONUS 20% DISCOUNT off your opening product order of Tuscan Tan spray tan solution and supporting retail range.


  • 2 fan extraction air displacement draws a total combined air volume of 5504 cubic feet per minute.
  • No outside ventilation required.
  • Bio-degradable disposable collection filters only require changing after 60 spray tan applications.
  • Runs on standard 240 volt power - Remote control operation. •
  • Made in Melbourne, the quality is second to none. We have salons with our extraction screens that have been in place for 10 or more years. proving just how reliable and effective they are.
  • Additional filters can be purchased directly from the supplier.
  • Screen dimensions: H: 190cm  X W: 240cm  X D: 80cm
    The 240cm width is measured when the 3 panels opened out fully. Generally the 2 panels either side of the fans are set at a 45 degree angle as pictured, leaving a shorter width. Minimum room width for this screen is 150cm.
**Shipping costs are charged on all equipment orders and will be quoted and charged after you place your order. Our team will contact you with your quote and will take payment before dispatching goods. 

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